Birding The Strait coronavirus statement (Covid-19)

Booted Eagle in migration. Photography by Yeray Seminario, Birding The Strait.
Bird migration continues! Booted Eagle in migration across the Strait of Gibraltar

Dear friends,

As you might expect, the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis has drastically affected our work. Starting yesterday, all our day trips, tours and activities outdoors in Spain and Morocco during this spring season have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. The health and safety of our clients and society at large is unquestionably our top priority.

As a travel agency, we want to specially express our solidarity to all our colleagues in the travel industry and our commitment to cope with this undesirable situation positively and severely. In Birding The Strait, we are convinced that with our combined efforts we will promptly overcome this situation.

We will take this time as an opportunity for introspection, get back to those unfinished projects, pending books, writing, studying and planning for the near future. No doubt, we will soon be ready and reinforced to keep enjoying with you our wonderful nature!

In the meantime, migration is still going in Tarifa. Raptors and other migratory birds keep reaching Europe and will continue their relentless natural course. We will be here to witness their efforts, the marvel of migration and life, in times to come.

See you soon,

Birding The Strait Team