10 Top gifts for bird lovers

At Birding The Strait we have made a compilation of 10 top gifts for bird lovers. We hope these ideas help you get your gifts right this Christmas!

gift ideas list

1. Alba and the old crane

Children’s tale Alba and the old crane, published by the Friends of Janda Association. In this children’s story, we will discover the history of the ancient La Janda Lagoon with the help of two cranes. All the money raised will be invested in the restoration of what was the largest lagoon in Europe.

2. tumbabuey wine

Bottle of wine from the Tumbabuey Association. This young wine from a certified organic harvest arises from a collaboration with the Almazara Sancha with the aim of raising funds. Tumbabuey works for the protection of birds and their habitats in the Strait of Gibraltar area.

3. zeiss optics

Optics: Zeiss SFL 8×30 binoculars. The quality of great binoculars in a compact and super handy format is one of the best gifts for bird lovers.

4. birding the strait gift voucher

Gift Voucher for a daytrip with Birding The Strait. Gift card for a bird watching experience customized to your preferences. Come birdwatching with Birding The Strait alone, or with whoever you like. No previous experience is needed!

5. travelling birds dvd

Winged Migration DVD, a delicious documentary about bird migration accompanied by the wonderful soundtrack by Bruno Coulais.

6. peregrine falcon monograph

Peregrine Falcon Monograph, Tundra Ediciones. Review full of original and unpublished information, about the peregrine falcon. Essential both for people interested in this specie and for those who wish to delve deeper into the study, management and conservation of birds of prey.

7. ornitographies

Book Ornitographies by Xabi Bou, Lynx Ediciones. This innovative project focuses on birds, revealing in a single period of time, the shapes they generate when flying, making the invisible visible. The result, presented in a unique book format, is a balance between art and science; a project from nature and an exercise in visual poetry.

8. Collins Guide

Collins Guide, Oryx Web. With expanded text and additional color illustrations, the third edition of Collins’ best-selling Guide to Birds is a must-have for all birders.

9. Wildlife Photographer of the year

Wildlife Photographer of The Year Book, Natural History Museum. 100 award-winning photographs in the 59th Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest 2023, along with stories that reveal how they were created and why each photographer decided to take them.

10. Shelter and wings prints series

Print from the REFUGIO Y ALAS series, collaboration between Savanna Books and CEAR (Spanish refugee aid commission). SHELTER AND WINGS is a series of author’s prints in a limited edition of 100 units. With BIRDS as a metaphor of freedom and protection for the refuge. 10% of sales will go to this leading Spanish NGO.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope these ideas for gifts for bird lovers help you!