Short-eared Owls magic!

Short-eared Owls are captivating creatures. Their penetrating look, silent flight and discrete habits make every encounter memorable.

This is a cosmopolitan species that visits the Strait of Gibraltar both as a migrant and wintering species.  However, their presence in our region is mostly noticeable during the central part of the winter.

Short-eared Owl photographed off Tarifa, the Strait of Gibraltar, in active migration to Africa across the immensity of the sea.

Like other “yellow-eyed” owls, the Short-eared do actively hunt in daytime, especially in the late afternoon. It is at this time when we enjoy watching them hunt passerines at their roosts, chasing Marsh Harriers or stalking unwary mice atop their favourite perch. The magic light of winter sunsets in Cádiz handles the rest!

Join us in a day trip to observe and photograph Short-eared Owl this winter!